How it Works

If you can't talk and someone finds you, they will see your bracelet.

The person will call the roll Free number and type in your code

The Guardian Call Will be forward up to 5 of Emergency Contacts you choose

How to Buy, Sign Up and activate

To purchase your The Guardian Call Bracelet is easy! Access our official store and it is a choice between renewing the service or buying a new The Guardian Call Bracelet.

You can register on our website before you even have your The Guardian Call Bracelet in hand. Access and manage multiple profiles with a single login. It’s more convenience for you and your family.

After registration you will have access to your dashboard. On this page you will be able to add other profiles and manage them. If it’s your first login, it’ll be empty. To change this is just click in “Add another profile” button. The same login can have up to 10 profiles linked to it. Perfect for big families.

After you click the “Add another profile” button, you will be redirectional to the profiling page. Fill out the forms with as much information as you can. It is important to keep this information up-to-date. If you already have your Guardian Call Bracellet in hand fill in the BRACELET ID field if don’t leave it blank. Each BRACELET ID is unique!

Ready! Your profile is created!

The Bracelet has a very simple and straight forward way to work. It is built with high quality silicon and surgical stainless steel plate.

In the plate, is engraved The Guardian Call Emergency Toll Free Number.

Also, it has a unique code, which will be your code when you buy the Bracelet. After you buy it, we will assign your information to this code and in case of any emergency, any person who finds you will be able to get in touch with your emergency contacts like family and friends.


You need to create an account before activating a product.

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You need to create an account before activating a product.